H.F. Schindler Family




The Bern Schindlers

In 1831, Christian Schindler and Magdalena Speicher immigrated to America with other relatives and friends to seek their wealth and fortune in the new world, and also that they might be able to serve God according to the dictates of their own hearts. They located in Holmes County, Ohio among other friends. Here Christian Schindler later met Magdalena Speicher and they were married in 1836. And the following children were born to them in Ohio:

William   Caroline

Louise   Rosina



In the Spring of 1848, Christian Schindler and his family traveled on further West and located in Buchanan County, Missouri, where on August 27th of the same year, a son was born named Henry Ferdinand.


Also, a daughter was born at this residence, Sophia, who died at the age of two years.


Christian Schindler   Magdalena Speicher

Born June 20, 1814   Born November 20, 1813

At Canton Bern, Switzerland   At Canton Bern, Switzerland


Married in 1836 in Holmes County, Ohio.


Died October 17, 1856   Died November 15, 1887


Buried in Mt. Nebo Cemetery.


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